We Need a Cloud Version of Cassandra


Google recently launched Cloud BigTable – a cloud NoSQL service that is compatible with Apache HBase API. What this means is that an existing ecosystem of Hadoop applications is immediately binary-compatible with this new service and it doesn’t require any changes to the API.

Google is not only marketing this as an alternative to Hadoop, but it is also marketing it as an alternative to Cassandra.

Now, I’ve written in the past that what we need is a proper cloud version of Cassandra. Datastax is a rising star but the fact that none of the cloud providers have a managed, low cost, automatically scaled cloud offering that is compatible with Cassandra API is going to be their downfall.

What burnt me with Cassandra is the fact that as you add storage and capacity by adding more nodes you increase devops costs. What I would like to see from Datastax is not a partnership with HP whose goal ultimately is to sell more hardware and services to on-premise data centers. Instead, we need Datastax to form a strategic partnership with Amazon AWS and offer a zero-maintanenance, zero-initial investment, zero-devops, auto-scaled and fully managed binary API compatible Cassandra offering in AWS.

2 thoughts on “We Need a Cloud Version of Cassandra

  1. I’m hoping Seastar.io will help here but remains to be seen what their pricing will be and if it will really be fully managed or not.


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