Oleg’s Utilities : Exploring Node, Angular and Heroku

  I needed a sandbox where I could experiment with Heroku, Node, JavaScript, and Angular and so I created a little suite of apps that I call “Oleg’s Utilities“. For now it is just a date calculator that my wife told me would be useful to her, but I’ll add more. A few observations:

  1. I am not an experienced web developer, but I went through Angular and Node tutorial and was able to get started with a simple app in about 20-30 mins.
  2. First time ever using Heroku, I was able to deploy a useful app in minutes.

It is amazing what one could do these days with the cloud services. As I pointed out before it truly is a Kodak Moment for IT departments and technology vendors. The fact that anybody can put together an app and deploy it to the cloud in minutes, and essentially zero cost to them is a truly disruptive revolutionary technology.