Microsoft acquires Citus Data

I am well aware that this news is a couple of days old but I just saw this in my news feed: Microsoft acquires Citus Data.

Tech Crunch reports:

Unsurprisingly, Microsoft plans to work with the Citus Data team to “accelerate the delivery of key, enterprise-ready features from Azure to PostgreSQL and enable critical PostgreSQL workloads to run on Azure with confidence.” The Citus co-founders echo this in their own statement, noting that “as part of Microsoft, we will stay focused on building an amazing database on top of PostgreSQL that gives our users the game-changing scale, performance, and resilience they need. We will continue to drive innovation in this space.”

I have been following Citus Data for a good chunk of my career. Between 2011 and 2016 I used PostgreSQL for my project and I wrote a lot about it. Even in the early stages of my current project at ADP I invited Citus for a call to talk to us. We were looking for a cloud-based SQL database that supported cross-region replication and transactions.

Since then Google expanded their Spanner offering and AWS improved Aurora. It only makes sense that Microsoft would want to offer a cloud-native managed SQL database similar to AWS Aurora on their Azure platform. This is where Citus comes in.

While I have long moved on from PostgreSQL, I continue to follow its development. I am glad to see Citus grow from a small startup with growing pains into an important part of Microsoft.