I am not renewing Strava Summit. Nazi and confederate memes are the reason why.

I had a Strava summit subscription for a year, and my subscription is expiring. I will not be renewing it. Nazi and confederate memes are the reason why.

Last fall, I came upon a Strava segment where KOM was a Strava user with an Alt-Right meme for a username and profile picture. His Strava stats showed he was a strong rider.

With each ride, he did he also posted racist and homophobic memes. He used Strava the way he would use 4Chan or Gab.

I was a paid Strava Summit subscriber.

This neo-Nazi was a free Strava user.

I was subsidizing him.

I reported the guy to Strava for violating their community rules, which promptly disabled his profile but did not remove his segment victories. It was still possible to see his profile on the segment leaderboard, click it, and see his memes.

The neo-Nazi promptly re-spawned with a new profile and a tag line and posted a few more memes. I reported him again. The same thing happened — Strava disabled his profile but did not remove him from the segment leaderboard.

Bullshit on social media is like gas — it expands to fill the space provided. Strava’s business model is freemium with some ads, meaning that advertisers and Summit subscribers subsidize free accounts. That makes the cost of spawning new accounts and publishing garbage very low.

The best way to regulate speech on social media is to apply a cost to it. When publishing is free (as in “free beer”), the users are at liberty to publish garbage.

It should not be the job of paid subscribers and advertisers to police the community while subsidizing offensive speech. Strava would be a much better platform if all users had to pay for the subscription.

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