This year I endorse Joe Biden for President

In 2016, I endorsed Gary Johnson for President, though I ended up voting for Hillary Clinton having realized what a disaster the Trump presidency would be.

I was proven right. In 2020 I am endorsing Joe Biden and taking personal steps to ensure the election is fair, orderly, and has a high enough turnout. I volunteered some of my time to increase the voter turnout and to work at the polls on the Election Day.

We are much worse off today than we were four years ago

The empirically observable reality is that Americans, as a whole, are poorer, sicker, and more desperate. The COVID19 pandemic highlighted our long-term societal ills that the ruling classes swept under the rug for decades.

Our healthcare system has proven to be an unmitigated disaster. Unprepared for any major outbreak, our hospitals lacked spare capacity, protective gear, and critical equipment.

Too late to ban travel from China, the Trump administration did not ban travel from Europe until too late either. Still, millions of people arrived from both China and Europe between February and May without any testing, tracking, or enforcement of the quarantine.

After delegating the authority to manage the outbreak to the governors, Trump immediately proceeded to undermine them and continues to this day. He blames the virus on China and the economic fallout on the governors.

Here we are now, six months into the pandemic. We have historically high unemployment and historically inadequate healthcare. Our schools and universities cannot function, our children cannot learn, and a whole swath of workers does not have income. We have rioting in the streets of our cities due to decades-long grievances not being answered. Most of the world has banned Americans from arriving on their shores. America is living on a one trillion a month deficit with no end in sight.

Leaders show themselves in a crisis, and Trump’s leadership is an unmitigated disaster of epic proportions. By all available metrics, today, August 25th, 2020, we are worse off than we were on this day in 2016. It is undeniable.

The division must end

We must end the division. We can’t live in a society where the president purposely, with malicious intent, aims to damage states that voted against him. We need to take the president’s words at their face value, without having to parse his tweets and twist ourselves into pretzels trying to figure out what he meant.

We already know what Biden presidency would look like

Joe Biden was in the White House for eight years from 2008 to 2016. We experienced a period of steady economic growth and declining national debt.

Compare Trump’s response to COVID19 to Obama-Biden’s reaction to the H1N1 flu pandemic. The treatment was readily available. Nobody was politicizing it, and no one was purposely trying to use the epidemic to damage their opponents.

Under the Obama-Biden administration, the world respected and welcomed Americans. American passports were welcome in much of the world. We could travel freely. Our children enjoyed their schools and summer camps, and our students could go to college.

In other words, America was great.

“Make America Great Again” coming from the incumbent is ironic

Americans hired Trump to Make America Great Again. America is not that great right now. We are sick, weak, and we are divided. The failure of Donald Trump to Make America Great for everyone is right here for us to observe.

“Keep America Great” slogan isn’t much better, either. What is left of American greatness right now to keep?

I endorse Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and the entire Democratic down-ballot ticket

After almost four years of the constant chaos and drama of the Trump presidency, America needs disciplined leadership. We need a leader who is not vindictive and does not purposely try to harm people who disagree with him.

Before we return to voting for Republicans again, we first need to get past Trump and Trumpism. Republicans made it abundantly clear that Trump is the wagon they are hitching themselves to.

For us to come back together, we need to send a clear message that division and drama are not welcome. The only way to do it is to vote all Republicans out of office decisively.

All opinions expressed here are mine

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