Alpe d’Zwift Climb Report

One ride I wanted to do this summer that I didn’t get to was Mt. Whiteface. Whiteface climb is approximately 3500 ft over 10 miles. I wanted to do it just to prove that I could. Turns out the Road to Sky route in Zwift is just what I needed to do it virtually.

The route starts with about 10 min, mostly flat warmup in the jungle, and then turns to Alpe. The climb itself took me about 73 mins at about 2.5-3.0 watts/kg effort.

Most of the Alpe du Zwift climb happens at about 10% grade. Every now and then it drops a bit. Sometimes it is 12-13% for brief moments. I took advantage of some less steep sections to drop the effort down a bit to recover every now and then.

About 10 mins into the climb, I started a recent 6o min climb class with Christine D’Ercole in the Peloton app on my phone. It was nice having someone pick a music playlist, remind me to breathe, and have a coach remind me to pace myself. I didn’t necessarily need it, but it made a 75 min climb much more tolerable. It just so happens that this was my ride 499 on Peloton.

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