Peloton adds scheduling feature to their mobile apps — but not stacking

I often wonder how Peloton makes its product decisions.

For years, many of us have been asking for “stacking.” The idea is that you can put together a class playlist ahead of time. Say you want to take a spin class, followed by a stretch and a strength workout. You’d start the spin class, and when you are done, it would take you straight to the stretching and then strength workouts.

Peloton delivered the class stacking feature. You can only use it on their tablet or using a web browser. You cannot use your smartphone app to plan your stack. In other words, you cannot plan your workouts using Peloton’s mobile app.

As a software engineer, I find it rather idiotic because there is no technical excuse for that.

To prove my point, Peloton comes up with a dubious new feature called “scheduling.” Here, the idea is that you will create your schedule out of on-demand workouts and invite your friends. It is similar to Zwift Meetups.

Setting aside the fact that the scheduling feature allows you to schedule multiple classes into the same time slot, the logic behind rolling it out on the mobile app before they roll out stacking is a mystery.