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I am a software engineer and technology architect in New York City / New Jersey area. All opinions expressed here are mine and do not represent opinions of my employers and customers, nor should my opinions be construed as opinions about my employers and customers.

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Our civilization has a single point of failure

People no longer collect music, they subscribe to it. We post thousands of photographs to Instagram and Flickr most of which get forgotten within hours from posting. We e-publish articles and blog posts, much like this one, that we know will be lost in the noise by tomorrow morning. We build apps that within weeks or days become outdated. There is hardly anything we put together today in the electronic form that is going to get discovered by our descendants a decade from now, never mind a century or a millennium.

IT departments must transform in the face of the cloud revolution

During the week of October 5th, I had an opportunity to attend the AWS re:Invent 2015 conference in Las Vegas, of all places. As someone who has built an entire career on putting together custom application server software, I should be the last one to get excited about server-less applications. Just like Salesforce’s “no software,” Amazon’s “server-less software” mantra is about a world where application development is not limited by IT, software to install and servers to manage.

I Stand With Ahmed

This week a precocious 14-year old immigrant Ahmed Mohamed wanted to impress his teachers with a clock he made at home. He built it into one of those pencil boxes you buy at a craft store that look like a small brief case. The teachers and school officials […]