Everyone Wants to Be a Tailor

I was ordering a new suit for myself today. The salesman eagerly showed me 3-4 different suits within the price range and style I was looking for. I am tall and skinny and it’s always been a pain to find a well fitted suit for me. We settled […]

Wall St. wakes up to underinvestment in OMS

Sell-side is waking up to the impact of underinvestment in OMS technology. Consider the headlines in “Trader’s Magazine”: EXCLUSIVE: Up-to-Date OMS Is a Necessity in Today’s Trading Markets: Since 2008, however, budgets have tightened, many large-scale IT expansion projects have been put on hold, and an operational culture […]

Software Engineers Are Not Doctors

Doctors undergo a decade of training followed by several years of internships and residency. Software engineers barely have four year college degrees. Doctors sign a Hippocratic oath to do no harm. Software engineers sign no such thing. Most software engineers shouldn’t even be considered engineers. Engineers can build […]

Cassandra: Lessons Learned

After using Cassandra for 3 years since version 0.8.5, I thought I’d put together a blurb on lessons learned. Here it goes! Use Cases What works Anything that involves high speed collection of data for analysis in the background or via batch. For example: Logging and data collection […]

On anti-loops

I have a friend who for years at his job couldn’t get a promotion. Somehow in his team he was perceived as flaky and unreliable and not worthy. When he finally left the company and joined a new one he became a successful team member in a very […]