This year I endorse Joe Biden for President

In 2020 I am endorsing Joe Biden and taking personal steps to ensure the election is fair, orderly, and has a high enough turnout. I volunteered some of my time to increase the voter turnout and to work at the polls on the Election Day.

On elephant graveyards

An elephant graveyard, when applied to a corporate setting, is a team, company, or some other set of conditions in which otherwise bright engineers are forced into positions or assignments where there is no hope for future career growth. In this post, I hope to define the conditions that must be present for an elephant graveyard to form, how to detect them, and how to navigate them.

All emails are free — except they are not

I have no idea what the cold caller was trying to sell as I did not have the brain power to process it. My mind was preoccupied with something else. What cold callers from vendors don’t seem to grasp is that they are asking the person to switch context from what they are doing and focus on the conversation.