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Big Data is not all about Hadoop

Big Data is not Hadoop, and Hadoop is not Big Data. A lot of people are surprised that somehow Big Data adoption is growing while Hadoop is struggling. There is some speculation as to why and I have a much more pragmatic explanation: Hadoop is not SQL. Not […]

Guaranteeing Delivery of Messages with AWS SQS

I wanted to scratch an itch and get feedback from the open-source community. So, I put together a little Github project that I like to call SQS-RetryQueue. Amazon SQS can be utilized to guarantee delivery and processing of messages. This project serves the following purposes: Demonstrate an example […]

We Need a Cloud Version of Cassandra

Google recently launched Cloud BigTable – a cloud NoSQL service that is compatible with Apache HBase API. What this means is that an existing ecosystem of Hadoop applications is immediately binary-compatible with this new service and it doesn’t require any changes to the API. Google is not only […]