What does a Chief Software Architect do?

For many years I couldn’t understand what software architects do. Early in my career, I thought they were useless. As a young developer, I felt that I could do the job of a business analyst, software architect, and developer all at the same time. Now, seventeen years into my post-college career I am one myself. I am trying to learn what it means to be a good software architect, and I hope to be one myself.

Exploration of the Software Engineering as a Profession

In 1992 Ed Yourdon wrote Decline and Fall of the American Programmer followed by Rise and Resurrection of the American Programmer just four years later. The first book spelled doom and gloom for the American Programmers who were going to get replaced by cheaper counterparts in India, Russia, Philippines, etc. The second book revisited some … Continue reading Exploration of the Software Engineering as a Profession