Oleg Dulin

I am a software engineer and architect in the New York City area.

My career spans academia, R&D work, Wall St., and stealth mode startups. As an ultimate generalist I help solve complex business problems in industries ranging from media asset management, to banking, high frequency trading, wholesale and distribution, Human Resources and payroll applications.

In my spare time I enjoy writing on various topics related to my technology work. I am an avid outdoor cyclist, a huge Peloton fan, and an armchair political pundit.

Presently, I work at ADP Innovation Lab in Roseland, NJ as Chief Architect.

This website is a collection of my writing about my career in software, my adventures as a cyclist, and an occasional political opinion as it pertains to both.

All opinions expressed here are my own and do not represent opinions of or about my past, present or future employers.

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