When politics and technology intersect

It’s been awhile since I last wrote. I’ve been experiencing a sort of a writing block since at least six months ago. This post is my attempt to break it. Ever since the election I’ve been deeply concerned about the state of the United States. What used to be collegial disagreements over policy issues between Republicans and Democrats became visceral hatred and mistrust. Typically I … Continue reading When politics and technology intersect

Emails, politics, and common sense

Like many Americans, I’ve been trying to explain and justify the 2016 election cycle. I am not an expert political scientist. I am a software engineer. The question I ask myself is “What role did computer technology play in this election ?” In particular, I want to focus on email. Email is an insecure medium. Period. I once attended an HR orientation session where we … Continue reading Emails, politics, and common sense

In Support Of Gary Johnson

I try to keep this blog free of politics. However, the post entitled “Daddy, why didn’t you blog about Trump?” by my friend Scott Aaronson brought up a very valid point: Against those considerations, I recently realized there’s an argument for speaking out, which goes as follows. Suppose Trump actually wins (as of this writing, Predictwise still gives him a frighteningly-high 27% probability). Suppose my … Continue reading In Support Of Gary Johnson