Tools of the craft

Developers should feel empowered to configure their environment and development tools to their liking and contribute to the shared team standard. They should know the libraries they picked and why they picked them. They should be able to articulate why they like one programming language over another. As part of their job, each developer should be able to state clearly and in actionable terms how they’d like to work.

Kitchen table conversations

This election cycle much has been made out of what should be left to families to discuss over "kitchen table" conversations. Should it be racism? Should it be sex education? Should it be New Jersey's LGBTQ inclusive curriculum? Here are the topics we discuss in my family with our two kids — one in middle school, the other in high school.

True identity verification should require a human

In my post on passwords, I said: As it stands today, the real challenge is the initial identity verification. There is no single good way for, say, a banking application, to confirm the identity of the user opening the banking app for the first time on their smartphone other than with shared secrets like passwords … Continue reading True identity verification should require a human