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Teleportation can corrupt your data

By sending me unsolicited emails and by cold calling me using robotic software you are indicating to me that you feel my time is not valuable. You are saying that interrupting me all day with unsolicited emails and cold calls costs you nothing but a small chance of you winning a gig is worth it to you.

Collaborative work in the cloud: what I learned teaching my daughter how to code

Whether my third grader becomes a software engineer when she grows up remains to be seen. The ability to customize and extend the behavior of a computer is a skill that is going to remain with her for the lifetime. If she wants to be an educator she can make educational apps. If she becomes a business person or a scientist she will be able to use computers to her advantage. This is what being a citizen developer is all about.

The Clarkson School Class of 2015 Commencement

Last weekend, on May 2nd, I had an opportunity to come to Clarkson University and give an alumni address at the Clarkson School Class of 2015 Commencement. The best way to describe Clarkson School is that it is bridging year program where talented high school students get to […]

Thanking MIT Scratch

I wrote in January that computers might have become too complicated to be used effectively for teaching kids how to program. I learned how to program on a very simple computer that had BASIC as the only way to interact with it; even to load a game I […]