Everyone Wants to Be a Tailor

I was ordering a new suit for myself today. The salesman eagerly showed me 3-4 different suits within the price range and style I was looking for. I am tall and skinny and it’s always been a pain to find a well fitted suit for me.

We settled on two that seemed to look good to both me and the salesman. I was taken to the measuring room where the tailor grumbled about the pants being too baggy and the jackets being to slack which would have required too many alterations to make them fit.

The salesman tried to defend his recommendations and the tailor responded that the size was so off it was going to be a complete custom work. “Why does everyone want to be a tailor?” he grumbled.

As a craftsman in my own field myself, I told the tailor “You know what, can you show me a suit just like these two that will fit better ?” He came back a few mins later with a suit that fit just right and the pants required only minimal alterations.

The moral of this story is that if the salesman concentrated on his job and allowed the tailor to do his he would not have to save his face in front of me. The salesman was obviously in doubt about my body type and should have asked an expert to measure me and suggest the right suit. As a customer I would have respected him more for it.

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