Let’s talk cloud neutrality

Avoiding managed services, using Docker and running eight Mongo and twelve Kafka nodes does not make an application cloud neutral — it makes it costly to develop, Kafkaesque to architect, and impossible to maintain in production. You end up losing your weekends and quality time with family to DR exercises and production support.

What does a Chief Software Architect do?

For many years I couldn’t understand what software architects do. Early in my career, I thought they were useless. As a young developer, I felt that I could do the job of a business analyst, software architect, and developer all at the same time. Now, seventeen years into my post-college career I am one myself. I am trying to learn what it means to be a good software architect, and I hope to be one myself.

I downloaded my Facebook data. Nothing there surprised me.

I downloaded my Facebook data. For the most part, I didn’t find anything there that I didn’t voluntarily provide to Facebook. It’s worth noting a few things that people should pay attention to. Contacts When you install Facebook, it asks you for access to your Contacts. This is so it can help you find more … Continue reading I downloaded my Facebook data. Nothing there surprised me.